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2019 EXPO BEAUTY SHOW(Mexico City, 2019.10.27 - 29)

SEPIA Micro-pigment has firstly attended in 2019 Expo Beauty Show in Mexico City ('2019 EBS' herein below).

There were 7 Korea brands attended in KOREA Pavilion this year. Although It sounds like not much participation, most of them have a remarkable achievement more than expected and saw the promising marketability of their goods in Mexico.

As one of the promising markets, when it comes to Micro pigment, we have seen considerable potentials from the visitors in this show and also had an excellent opportunity to encounter distributors from neighboring countries such as Columbia, Peru, and El Salvador. They are running beauty Spa and Salon using Microblading as well as having a tremendous eager to distribute their brands in Mexico, which is the reason why we consider it is an emerging market.

Like the case of other countries, we had to find out the national regulation for Micro pigment in Mexico. On that note, there were detailed discussions about it on the table at the booths and highly looking forward to clarifying regarding customs soon. It was the first experience to see our marketability in Central - South America overall, and we are deeply taking account of our next attending 2019 EBS again as well.


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