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2019 CHINA INTERNATIONAL BEAUTY EXPO (Guangzhou, 2019.03.10-12)

During the Guangzhou Beauty Exhibition in Spring 2018, we had many visitors who came to our booth. So, for 2019, we anticipated much more than last year.

We were all expecting so much to participate to this exhibition especially to cooperate with our business’ partner “Pitangui Ina Young Beauty Center”.

We performed, free treatments to all our visitors, at least to people who wanted to.

We were really happy and thought it was good to show to people our SEPIA’s Colours chart directly.

Above all, we had many people that visited us last year who came back to our booth this year. They came to told us that they were really pleased with the different colours we were able to propose them and their really good quality

We also provided free samples for those who were visiting us for the first time. Now we are looking forward to have their feedbacks about our products.

We are sorry that we didn’t have more pictures of our procedure to show the difference between before and after the application of our products.

For our next participation in this exhibition, we promise to bring back more of these pictures.


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