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2019 ASEAN BEAUTY THAILAND EXPO (Bangkok, 2019.05.02-04)

SEPIA showed itself on the Thailand Market in 2019 for the first time. Among a variety of make-up machinery, nail art, cosmetics, mask pack, SEPIA , as a unique item in Micro pigment field, participated in ASEAN beauty show in Thailand. The result of the show was not a fully satisfactory since the period of ASEAN beauty show fell on the coronation ceremony holiday unfortunately,, which made lots of potential visitors less interested in the beauty show, but it was a precious opportunity that enabled us to take a look at the state of the current Thailand make-up industry and how the retail market of Thailand was going on. We assume that In the deluge of cheapest products made in China, the mindset of Thailand people seeking safer and safer Micro pigment has been revealed through this beauty show and noticeable interest in 0.6ml disposable type of SEPIA has proved this assumption. Although we didn’t make a lot of contracts but we could read the Thailand people’s strong preferences for the safer Micro pigment. We took the flight back to Korea hoping that it wouldn’t be long before SEPIA with reasonable prices and high quality would take over Thailand Micro pigment market.


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