All techniques for permanent makeup eyes procedure. Eyeliners, Lash line, Eyeshadow.

2019-08-23 14:06
How to enhance your eyes with permanent makeup and find the best technique for different types of eyes.
Several years ago, aesthetics specialists from Italy shared what they have recently achieved in eyebrow PMU including highlighting.You should not apply it along the whole hair length but only for ½ or ⅔ of the length to get a highlight effect by changing the color. If you want to highlight your brows in such a way, avoid drawing all the hairs in such a way but select several hairs grown in the arch area and eyebrow tail. Taking into account this simple hint allows adding volume and create a real masterpiece.

All techniques for permanent makeup eyes procedure. Eyeliners, Lash line, Eyeshadow.Not only eyebrows are subjected to the PMU procedures. Specialists advise enhancing eyes and lips too. You may wonder what beauticians can undertake to make a person attractive considering of all his or her individual characteristics. Don’t doubt, there are some.

Let’s first talk on the topic of eyes. You might be surprised but eyes of all people are different. So before drawing the person’s eyes you should scan them well. The main goal of this scanning is defining their pros and cons as well as the way they are set in.

Generally, eye shapes can be of three basic types. If you want to find out what eye type a person has, it is necessary to connect the inner and outer eye corners mentally with a line.
Type 1. Characteristic of Asian or Eastern women. The inner corner of the eye is located lower than the outer one;
Type 2. Characteristic of European women. The line of both inner and outer eye corners coincides;

Droopy or sorrowful eye. This is one of the most challenging eye types for a PMU specialist.
One more important aspect to take into account is the distance between eyes. Specialists distinguish three types of eyes too: close-set, normal-set, and wide-set ones. Moreover, there are also such eye characteristics as protruding and deep-set ones. This factor must be also taken into account, as nobody has symmetrical eyes like dolls.

Often, one eye is positioned lower or higher than of the other one. Sometimes one eye is more rounded while the second one has a shape of an almond etc. At the same time, this asymmetry makes a person more beautiful and unique too. The PMU specialist’s task is to take into account all the peculiarities of the person’s appearance and offer him or her the most suitable option that will provide the best result. Experts also advise paying attention to a deep fold of the upper lid as this is the most controversial spot to draw the first sketch of the eyeliner or shading. The line can get broken and not distinct because of it.

When a specialist starts analyzing what permanent makeup procedure for eyes is the best one in every case, he or she will come to the conclusion that knowledge of the conventional makeup methods is a must. Moreover, it is impossible to do your job well without creativity too.

When it comes to eye PMU procedures, the most popular one is making the lashline darker or filling in the space between eyelashes. Most often, specialists take a black or brown pigment for this purpose. When the lashline gets darker, eyes get more defined and look prominent as well as there is an impression of more fluffy lashes. Everyone can become more attractive thanks to this procedure.

At the same time, it is impossible to get a desirable effect without consideration of certain specific points from the technical side. Some of them include such facts as the beginning of the line should be between the first eyelashes of the inner corner and it must be graceful and nice.

People with close-set eyes would look beautiful if a specialist starts the line immediately from the tear dot. Moreover, when you work with the owners of the droopy or sorrowful eyes, remember not to draw the line between eyelashes to the end of the outer eye corner not to make the glance even more droopy. You should not accentuate their round shape of the eyes too or the effect will be the same bad. Experts advise beauticians to stop earlier and lift the lashline a bit in the outer corner. It will allow changing the eye shape to more almond-shaped ones and make a person more good-looking.

It is also important to mention that beauty masters should not be afraid to show creative nature and fantasy. One of the hints for them is to lighten the inner eye corner with a beige pigment using movements similar to drawing spirals or dots. Experts advise using a mix for this purpose, as the beige pigment itself contains titanium dioxide and it can make the area too white. It is of utmost importance to get a semi-transparent lightening effect instead of the patch-like one. Similar to standard makeup, when you lighten the inner eye corners, the eyes get more radiant and make a person look younger. There is a viewpoint that a dark shading drawn over the lashline on the outer eye side makes the same impression as drawing between them. For this purpose, it is better to use muted natural colors like brown, grey one, but you can use greenish and bluish shades too. However, darkening of the area between eyelashes remains one of the best approaches in creating a natural look.

Another option of the PMU makeup is using a classic eyeliner. You should start drawing a thin line in the inner eye corner and darken all the area between the eyelashes. Without this effect, it is impossible to apply eyeliner properly. Some beginners of the PMU industry make a mistake when they apply a pigment between the eyelashes partially. It does not cover all the light areas of skin and they can be easily spotted even if there is an eyeliner drawn above the eyelashes. The main reason why people decide to apply permanent makeup is to create an effect of fluffy eyelashes, by with white areas between them it is impossible to achieve this effect. When it comes to the classic eyeliner, a key to success of makeup is the line drawn. It should become thicker when it approaches the outer eye corner and go over the tail to look attractive. A piece drawn over the tail adds the main line some character. It may be classic and modest as well as make an impression of a glamorous bright image when the tail is curved upwards a bit or drawn longer. Every client should decide what tail to draw and a specialist can only give a piece of advice.

It is very important to remember for a MPU specialist that the job he does is going to last for several years and take that in consideration applying the pigment. Naturally, something can happen with a line in several years, for example, its deep folds can turn into accordion. But a beautician should consider the current age of the client and what may happen with his or her skin in several years. Maybe, it is better not to draw a very long tail that may soon change its position because of age changes.

Moreover, not only appearance but also trends and fashion undergo changes with time. It means that a client can desire anything different in a couple of years too. It is a reason why beautician should be aware of some psychological methods to be able to lead a client to the right decision concerning PMU. You will get a burden if you can’t convince a client from making a tough mistake. Many specialists would admit that it is useless to argue with clients and it is easier to accept their viewpoint, but very few clients realize how long this pigment will remain on their skin, what might happen with it in several years or what they will do if fashion changes greatly. That is why avoid placing stamps or certain patterns of the faces of clients and try to explain the reality.

The third popular way to enhance eyes with permanent makeup is a procedure called misty eyes, decorative shading or eyeshadow. Despite several names it has, there is a single idea used. Undoubtedly, this procedure brings about desirable benefits and natural look but only if an experienced specialist performs it. After the beautician darkened the lashline, the process is completed when shading of different colors is completed. The color palette used for shading ranges between grey and brown colors, while darker shades are applied more intensively below the outer eye corner. It will look nice if a specialist applies shading along the lower eyelid too. Before the start of the procedure, a master should draw the client’s eye on the paper and create a sketch of the way how pigment must be applied. The beautician should consider the length, brightness, type, position of eyes to choose the best variant. This procedure is also suitable for correcting the eye shape and achieving some lifting effect.

A beautician who has just started a career in the PMU field might not know about the following information: it is not preferable to draw line along the lower eyelid that can be clearly defined or it will visually reduce the eye size. To make eyes bigger, it is better to use feathering technique, widen the inner eye corner and make it more prominent if you taper and lighten the area along the nose. The following makeup method is one of the most popular ones.

The fourth way to enhance the eye beauty is to use a classic eyeliner with shading both the upper and lower eyelids that adds elegance and visual volume. A specialist uses the same technique: classic liner is enhanced using a decorative shading of the black or brown color. This technique helps to increase eyes visually and accentuate them. It will enhance the appearance of people with droopy eyes as well.

The fifth technique can be performed only by specialists who are very skillful in using a machine and a needle. It involves the application of the decorative shading over the whole upper lid. This is a very responsible task and not every specialist can do that well. Only a talented and experienced professional who realizes how thin the eyelid skin is can cope with this task because it happens that eye area is covered with pigment smudges and it is challenging to achieve a perfect gradience with a needle, not a brush.


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