About Black Eye

About Black Eye

Endoscopic Marker

BLACK EYETM is a sterile, non-pyrogenic ink designed to be used as an endoscopic marker for marking polyps and lesions in the gastrointestinal tract. It is supplied syringe contain
5ml of the marker.

Intend Use

  • Black EyeTM is indicated for endoscopically marking lesion in the GI track when the endoscopist anticipates the lesion will require surgical removal within 30 days.
  • Black EyeTM is substantially equivalent to the predicate colon maker. The Black EyeTM and the predicate device have same indications for use. Both are carbon black formulation that used for endoscopically tattooing or marking the colon.
  • The Black EyeTM Endoscopic Marking System provides a method of marking cancerous lesions on the wall of a patient’s stomach or colon during an endoscopic procedure. The mark provides a reference point for subsequent removal of the tissue. The inexpensive packaging solution turned the technology into a product, by creating a whimsical brand identity that uses color and simple iconography that make it appear less threatening, thereby reducing user anxiety.

Why it’s better for your patients

Advantages of BE

It’s Safe

India ink preparation contain shellac, phenol, and ammonia that, even in dilute solution, should be avoided. Black eye’s biocompatible,
non-toxic formulation contains no India ink.

It’s sterile

The Black EyeTM is a single-use product,
so sterility is easily maintained. Each syringe is sterilized prior to packaging and shipping.

Each syringe is prefilled

Preparation is simplified thanks to Black Eye’s ready-to-use product design. Each syringe comes with 5ml of the marking fluid. Just shake it vigorously prior to use.

It’s easy to work with

Black EyeTM is easier to use than India-ink-based markers, and it has a shelf life of two years.